The next innovation from Helios, … here you go! With Helios Groove, we are expanding our range of outdoor vacuum flasks with another eye-catcher. The "groovy" design on the one hand, combines tradition and modernity, and on the other hand, it also combines quality and functionality.

This thermos bottle model draws design elements from the early days of Helios, from 1909 to 1930, and bridges the gap to modern times. Moreover, the groove design ensures a secure and ergonomic handling. Voila, with this, we perfectly combine two important aspects to the advantage of our customers.

In general, of course, the outdoor vacuum flask offers the top features you are used to from Helios products, such as heat retention and functionality. Cold stays cold. Hot stays hot. Helios Groove is manufactured in three different sizes of 0.25 litres, 0.50 litres, and 0.75 litres. These models are equipped with the proven Helios Q100 quality glass insert. A screw-on cup is always included, allowing you to enjoy a sip of your favourite drink anytime. The ergonomic screw cap guarantees that no drinks will spill. Many colour variations can be realised. We would be happy to advise you on that.

The casing is made of robust and durable plastic material. The product is designed to bring joy and utility to its owners for many years. It is important to us that Helios products are made of high-quality materials for long-lasting use and thus send a strong signal against throw-away and disposable products.