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Hotel & Catering
Professional quality without compromise

Optimal hospitality for your guests is the main priority. Your customer should be able to enjoy a perfectly tempered drink in a stylish atmosphere.

And that is important:

  • Functionality for the highest demands
  • Design and optimum processing safety
  • Dishwasher-safe & durability

For a pleasent atmosphere
Your guest should feel at home in your hotel. Helios vacuum flasks act as discreet ambassadors of a pleasant and stylish atmosphere. The combination of design and functionality makes no compromises. Whether at breakfast in the hotel or at a large event in the congress center, always serve drinks at an excellent temperature with Helios thermos jugs. Welcome to the professional league.



For a perfect cleaning
Of course, our range includes a large number of dishwasher-safe models. Clean our Helios insulated products at up to 95° water temperature. We guarantee a perfect cleaning result in a minimum of time.

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