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Excellent dishwasher-safe quality

Thermos flasks for professional use must meet four key criteria in particular:

  • Functionality
  • Stability / robustness
  • Dishwasher resistance 
  • Long durability

A thermos flask that is used several times a day simply has to work - without any concerns. Helios professional vacuum jugs are designed to do just that. Practical to use, easy to handle, excellent function.

Hygiene is priority no. 1

Long gone are the days when kitchen utensils in the catering/hospital sector were simply washed with water. Now everything goes into the dishwasher - into a professional machine with very special performance features. A conventional vacuum jug can't cope with this; it quickly becomes full of rinsing water or sooner or later disintegrates into its individual parts. This is precisely why thousands of care facilities, clinics and sanatoriums rely on Helios professional vacuum jugs.

In communal catering
In communal catering, our Helios vacuum flasks are subjected to a new endurance test every day. Due to their sturdy and robust design, they are happy to put up with this and also shine with their excellent heat retention properties. A Helios professional thermos jug reliably keeps drinks hot and aromatic even after many hours.

In care for the elderly
Our products are particularly in demand in care for the elderly. Special functionalities offer people in need of care easier and safer handling.

Hood or conveyor dishwasher ...anything can come...

95° water temperature? No problem. Even subsequent drying cycles are withstood effortlessly. The plastic we use is particularly resistant to abrasion and chemical rinsing additives.

Our Santoprene plastic seal has been tried and tested millions of times and seals the vacuum jugs securely against rinsing water.

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