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Helios branded vacuum jugs

We attach great importance to the excellent manufacturing of all our products. Starting with the plastic injection molding of the vacuum jug blanks, through the individual inspection of all vacuum glasses, to the final assembly at our locations in Wertheim - every work step is carried out under strict quality standards. TÜV DIN ISO 9001 certification is naturally included.

Helios Q100 quality glass

The heart of a vacuum jug is the insulating insert. It ensures that coffee or tea stays hot for a long time. 100 percent of our glass inserts are manufactured in an elaborate manual process.

All Helios Q100 quality glasses are mouth-blown and therefore unique. After the inner bulb is fused with the outer bulb, the inner wall is mirrored with a silver coating. This creates a heat shield that reflects the heat and "traps" it inside the glass. In addition, the interior of the glass body is evacuated, i.e. the air is extracted from the space in between.

This means that there are hardly any air molecules left to transport the heat. This sophisticated technology is the only way to achieve such a high level of insulation.

Helios Q100 stainless steel inserts

Insulated inserts made of stainless steel have the additional advantage of being unbreakable. Also here, an ingenious insulation system ensures that the insulated vessels keep the temperature at the top.

With Q100, whether glass insert or stainless steel insert, we guarantee you a quality product at the highest level.

Top-class heat retention

No matter what you call them - thermos jugs, vacuum flask or simply jugs to keep things warm - they all have one thing in common: they keep drinks hot or cold for hours - like magic.

Helios heat retention guarantee

At Helios, we have taken this issue very seriously and place the highest value on insulation performance and the quality of workmanship. After all, these are the decisive arguments that make a good thermos flask. But what makes the difference between a quality product and a standard product?

Drinks filled boiling hot into our insulated jugs still have a minimum temperature of 75°C after 6 hours (based on 1 liter content), jugs with a wide filling opening 66°C. This applies to completely filled and tightly closed jugs.

Note: Jugs with different contents give different values. Filling quantity 0.6 liters 65°C, filling quantity 0.3 liters 60°C after 6 hours.

Living responsibility Product safety of Helios vacuum jugs

Product safety, food legislation and compliance with minimum legal requirements are important issues in our business. Especially when it comes to products that come into contact with food, you should not get involved in "experiments". We take the quality and food safety of our thermos flasks very seriously.

We at Helios take this responsibility into account and therefore issue a declaration of conformity for every product we produce and place on the market. This gives our customers the assurance that they are only purchasing products that meet the legal requirements in every aspect and are safe in contact with food.

Continuous quality controls

To be on the safe side, our thermos jugs and flasks are tested by accredited, independent laboratories according to defined standards for sensory evaluation, migration and food law in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004.

Only when all these quality steps have been completed, we send our branded products to our customers. This is how we at Helios ensure that you only receive perfect vacuum flasks. That is very important for us!

DIN ISO 9001:2015 certified

To underline our innovative approach to quality, we have decided to certify not only our plastics production, but also our assembly plant for vacuum jugs in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015. This means that our customers can rely on top quality standards in all production and manufacturing steps.

Looking beyond the horizon

We are a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) to ensure that our suppliers comply with social standards. The aim is to improve working conditions and environmental performance in global supply chains. By joining, we are committed to involving our suppliers in the amfori BSCI process and monitoring their progress.

Durability as a company philosophy

We attach great importance to the durability and sustainability of our products. Our models are designed for long-term use. In this way, we set an important example against single-use and throwaway products! Using our products for many years protects resources and is good for people and the environment.

Helios Upcycling - Reusing raw materials

Reuse waste material at the same economic level and manufacture new products from it. Using our resources as considerately as possible. And above all: manufacture products that will function for years, or even decades. Every day.  

We are happy to present our product series that are made from recycled material: