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Stainless steel vacuum flasks
for stylish catering

Helios stainless steel vacuum flasks are made of robust stainless steel material. The highly polished or matt outer shell makes a statement on any table.
Helios offers a wide range of stainless steel vacuum jugs in various sizes and designs, providing a stylish way to serve drinks.

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That all depends. Thermos flasks with plastic casing generally has a double-walled glass flask inside as an insulating insert. With stainless steel products, the heat retention is provided by a stainless steel insulating flask. Each version offers its own benefits. Vacuum jugs with glass inserts are easier to clean as, in microscopic terms, almost no residue can be deposited on the smooth surface of the glass. The stainless steel version, on the other hand, is unbreakable and is better suited to outdoor activities.

Yes, they are. We offer a comprehensive range of thermos flasks which can be cleaned in all conventional dishwashers. The important thing here is that all the essential components of the product are made of metal. Products made of stainless steel/plastic combinations are generally not dishwasher-safe. Due to the different expansion coefficients of the materials, leaks will occur sooner or later. 
Please only put appropriately labeled thermos flasks in the dishwasher.

There is a whole range of cap systems. 
In private households, thermos flasks with one-hand or push-button operation are popular. This technology makes it possible to pour the coffee from the vacuum jug quite easily with just a finger touch. For high-quality stainless steel thermos flasks, what are known as flip-lid system are widely used. While the lid is generally permanently attached to the body of the tea or coffee jug, it can be lifted using a flip-top mechanism. That is practical and quick as a flash. Last but not least, particularly in the professional environment, products with a screw top are used. With a quarter or half rotation of the lid, the beverage can be poured safely into a cup.

Sometimes, for larger-scale events or for big family occasions, coffee and tea has to be served quickly and in large quantities – and while it’s still hot too. For this purpose, what are known as pump thermos flasks are available, fitted with a compression lever. These models can be filled with between 1.9 l and 3.5 l of hot beverages.

Where even larger quantities of coffee are required, what are known as thermos beverage dispensers are the ideal solution. They require no electricity and provide outstanding insulation. The dispenser tap means that your guests can be catered to quickly and easily.

This is not actually foreseen. It could lead to difficulties where your coffee machine has a hot plate. This causes damage to the material on the base of the thermos flasks and could result in problems. Should your coffee machine not have its own hot plate, you need not hesitate to use our product with it. If you need infomation about the height of our Helios thermos flasks, you can look into our data sheets.

This question arises frequently. We recommend two different products, one as a tea jug, and one as a coffee jug. Why? As soon as a jug which is generally used for tea is used for coffee, it will taste of coffee in future. Unfortunately. Even if you clean the vessel right after the “alternative use". Human taste buds are extremely sensitive and the flavour of tea is dulled. 

That’s why we recommend: one thermos flask as a tea jug and one for coffee.

In the opposite case, the effect is less pronounced. Tea drunk from a coffee jug is probably not as enjoyable (for the reasons described above), but will not be detectable in the coffee subsequently filled into the jug.