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Coffee enjoyment at the highest level

Relax and unwind. Recharge your batteries. The best way to do this is at home in your own four walls - with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

That's what our range has in store for you:

  • Many colors, shapes and sizes
  • Perfect heat retention for many hours
  • Brand quality

Colorful and sustainable

We attach great value to ensuring that our products are both modern and sustainable. For us, these two criteria are not mutually exclusive. Great colors incorporated into an extremely durable product. Our thermos flasks should not be discarded with the next wave of fashion, but should give their owners pleasure for years, or even decades.


Cozy afternoon coffee
Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. Stylish or more classic. Whether a jug for 2 cups of coffee or a large vacuum jug with plenty of capacity. In a modern stainless steel look or with a colorful plastic application. We guarantee, you will find what you are looking for.



Stylish tea party
By the way, you can use the Helios vacuum jugs for both tea and coffee. We just don't recommend overlapping use. After all, the tea should taste like tea and not like coffee.

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