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Extras & Cleaning
Looking beyond the vacuum flask horizon

Here you will find our range additions. Products to keep drink bottles cool, cleaning agents perfectly matched to thermos flasks and much more.

This is what our range has in store for you: 

  • Wide range of supplementary products
  • Beautiful bottle coolers
  • Brand quality

The perfect complement
Although vacuum jugs for keeping coffee warm are our specialty, we are also known for our clever complementary products. For example, we offer various solutions for providing products to accompany coffee. Our Serve Set, for example, provides you with a practical sugar bowl, a container for milk and a waste tray.



For a hot soup
Do you want the soup to remain at a pleasant temperature even after 2 hours? Then Helios Souper is the practical solution. A combination of insulated stainless steel container and German brand porcelain make it possible.