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Helios not only impresses with its large range of professional vacuum flasks, but also with many other practical products. 
The Helios bottle coolers can also keep drinks cool - just in a different way. 
And each individual part of the Helios Serve*Set completes your coffee enjoyment.

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Everyday cleaning: Here, as a rule, it is enough to rinse out or wash out the thermos vessel after use. If you really wish to be on the safe side, you will find further useful tips in the following text. During cleaning, please ensure that you proceed with care and do not damage the flask. Otherwise, broken glass (in thermos flasks with glass insert) can be the result.

Is your vacuum jug heavily stained? 
If your product does happen to be heavily stained, it is advisable to thoroughly clean the interior. This can be particularly wise after using the thermos vessel for a longer period. Cleaning agents are available which are specially tailored to the requirements of vacuum jugs. Simply place a Helios cleaning tab into the interior of the thermos flask and pour in hot water before leaving it to soak for approx 1 - 2 hours. Afterwards, the vessel is perfectly and hygienically clean. Then rinse with clear water and the vessel is ready for use once again. A further positive side effect is that all odours are removed.

Yes, this is possible with the dishwasher-safe thermos flask series from Helios. These products can indeed be cleaned in all domestic dishwashers, as well as in genuine professional machines. Thanks to the unique Santoprene seal, the jugs are hermetically protected from water penetration. So you get a hygienic result and can enjoy your product for much longer. Naturally, the heat retention properties are not affected. You will find these products here on this site in the product area “Plastic thermos flasks” or “Stainless steel thermos flasks”. You can also use our product finder on the homepage.


However, there are a large number of thermos flasks which cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher. Therefore, please look closely at the product description. Many customers and users mistakenly believe that all stainless steel thermos flasks can go in the dishwasher. We urgently advice against this; here too it is vital to observe the product description. Otherwise, dishwashing water can penetrate the spaces between the components. This dishwashing water then often makes an undesired reappearance. In addition, the thermos flask lids are almost never suitable for dishwashers (except lids for dishwasher-safe vacuum jugs). They too generally fill up with water.

Bottle coolers - ideal companions for keeping a bottle of champagne cool in summer, or a fine bottle of Riesling. Thanks to the double stainless steel walls, you can keep your favourite drinks cool for longer – even at the height of summer. The matt surface of the beverage coolers is both elegant and timeless. Cleaning is inconceivably simple. They can be put in a domestic dishwasher or, if preferred, rinsed quite normally in dishwater. The products made of double-walled stainless steel are unbreakable and very durable. Helios beverage coolers are intended for 1.0 l bottle sizes.

Coolers for conferences or meetings are generally equipped with thermal packs. These products also accommodate smaller bottle sizes of 0.25 l to 0.33 l. Thanks to the inserted cooling elements, it is possible to keep beverages fresh for a long time, even in summer – simply practical. Conference coolers can be made in plastic of stainless steel. In addition, a table cooler of this kind is a real eye-catcher on every conference table, as well as keeping things looking tidy.

Helios wants you to enjoy your vacuum jug for a long time. For this reason, we offer spare parts for all Helios vacuum jugs, from the rubber ring to the lid and the glass insert. You can find them all in our Onlineshop under "Spare parts & cleaning". If you cannot find the spare part you are looking for, you are welcome to send us an e-mail about the spare part you need. Some spare parts require a factory repair, that's why not all spare parts can be found online. 
By replacing glass inserts and sealing rings, the existing vacuum jug can still be maintained and you can also do something for the environment.

No, we have consciously decided against selling the Serve*Set as a whole. Every bakery or hotel has its own individual ideas about the perfect accessories for coffee. For this reason, we do not want to prescribe that all five individual parts must be purchased together. This means that every conceivable constellation of the Serve*Set is possible, whether two coffee pots and a sugar bowl or actually all five components together - anything is possible.