Vacuum jugs since 1909

Today Helios is the oldest vacuum vessel manufacturer in Europe. Since the establishment of our company in 1909, we have been producing vacuum jugs and vacuum vessels of the highest standard and quality for the most varied of customer groups. With an export rate of approx. 55 %, we supply to every region in the world.


With a range of innovative new products, we have succeeded in becoming market leader in the area of vacuum jugs for professional use. This leading position has been further strengthened in recent years with the development of highly-functional and innovative vacuum jugs. So our dishwasher-safe vacuum jugs have become indispensable in hospitals, nursing homes, canteens, hotels and catering operations.


In addition, we produce vacuum jugs and food containers for private consumers. For a hundred years now, Helios vacuum vessels have been reliable companions in millions of private households.

Our printed models are particularly highly thought-of in the advertising industry. Every year, we manufacture innumerable vacuum jugs featuring individual advertising prints.


With esprit, creativity and courage, we are venturing into the next century of the company. With the support of our loyal customers and the motivation of our valuable staff, we have our sights set firmly on the future.