my green Helios

As a German family-run company, we have been focussing on the quality, durability and sustainability of our high-quality products since 1909. Helios is the market leader in the manufacture of brand insulating jugs for professional use.


The production of long-lasting insulating jugs offering you the greatest possible benefit and, with it, enjoyment, is of central significance for us.


A range of individual measures in the daily processes of our production operation underline our practiced responsibility for humans and the environment and give it a practical form.


1. Our eco-friendly product.

We make this branded vacuum jug out of 98% recycled plastic. Similarly, the packaging and all the printed material relating to the product are manufactured under observation of ecological aspects.

With the purchase of you are actively contribution to protecting the environment:

Branded vacuum jug made of 98% recycled plastic
Use of the most modern and energy-efficient machinery
Packaging originates from sustainably-managed forests
No use of plastic film
Printed material made from eco-friendly paper


2. Sponsor in "Plant for the Planet"

We are determined to not only display responsibility within our business processes but also to support external projects which we believe can make a difference. This is why we are assuming a sponsorship with "Plant for the Planet". Here, school students and young people are educated on the necessity of careful use of resources and on the significance of climate issues and climate change. In the "Plant for the Planet Academies", teenagers are trained to be ambassadors for climate justice and future lobbyists. We find this a great idea! This initiative came into existence in 2007 and, by now, more than 100,000 children are involved in the campaign.

3. Transition to recycling for operating material
Everything which previously appeared on normal paper will now be printed on recycling paper. We are starting with the instructions for use. These are being printed on recycling paper, for the sake of the environment.


With our approach, we are reinforcing an awareness of responsible action on the part of our staff, our customers and our suppliers. We want to provide impulses for a positive structure for the future. Perhaps we may also infect you with our project "My Green" - we would be delighted.