Frequently asked questions and our answers


The glass flask is cracked, what now?

Refills for Helios branded vacuum jugs are kept in stock for years. You can buy them from your specialist dealer or order them quite conveniently from our online shop.


The next point explains how to insert the refill. For technical reasons, the glass flasks of dishwasher-safe vacuum jugs cannot be replaced.


I want to insert a glass refill, how do I go about it?

Open the jug by turning the base carefully to the left with your hand or a suitable tool (e.g. with a base screw). Please take care to avoid injuries caused by any broken glass. Tip: If you immerse the jug briefly in warm water, it will be easier to unscrew.


Then remove the old refill, together with the seal, from the body of the jug. Please clear any shards of broken glass from the inside of the jug and the seal. Now carefully place the seal onto the mouth of the refill and insert both items into the interior of the jug. Take care to ensure that the new refill, together with the seal, is completely lined up with the pouring lip. Now screw the base of the jug back on. Do not over-tighten the base. Please check the function before putting into use.


Important notice: Please be very careful to ensure that the pump tip located on the bottom of the refill is not damaged at any time during this process.


The seal is defective (dirty), can I buy a new one?

As described under Point (1). Replacement of the seal as described under Point (2).


The interior of the vacuum jug is heavily soiled, what can help?

We recommend our Helios cleaning tabs. With these tablets, stubborn dirt can also be reliably removed. Helios cleaning tabs can be ordered from the specialist dealer or in our online shop.


The glass flask in my vacuum jug displays (what look like) fissures and cracks, what is that?

Every Helios insulating glass is hand-blown. These visible streaks and "veins" are only denser areas in the material and completely harmless. They do not affect the function or quality of your vacuum jug.


How can I improve the insulation properties of my vacuum jug?

Simply pour in a little warm water and allow the jug to pre-heat in this way. When the jug is completely filled, the insulation properties are also significantly better than with half-filled jugs.


Liquid is leaking out of the housing of the jug, what can I do about it?

Either the seal is damaged or the base of the jug is no longer correctly attached.


Please check whether the seal is positioned correctly and whether the base is firmly screwed on. It is also possible that the vacuum jug has been immersed in water or has been cleaned in the dishwasher. This is only permissible with dishwasher-safe vacuum jugs (see identification on the jug).


Can I put my vacuum jug in the dishwasher or the microwave?

Only products which are specifically identified as dishwasher safe can be placed in the dishwasher. Vacuum jugs may not be placed in the microwave.


Can I warm the coffee in a stainless steel jug on a hob?

No. Vacuum jugs may not be placed on a hob under any circumstances.


Where can I find the nearest Helios dealer?

Simply send us an e-mail or give us a call. We would be pleased to help you. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can buy brand products from Helios conveniently and easily through our online shop.


Where can I find general instructions for use and cleaning for my jug?

Every Helios brand product comes with comprehensive instructions for use. Here you will find basic instructions for use as well as important additional information. If you no longer have the instructions, you can download new instructions from the homepage under Service/Downloads.


The glass in my vacuum jug is broken, how can I avoid this in the future?

Never insert hard objects into the interior of the vacuum jug (washing-up brushes, tea eggs, spoons for stirring or similar). Do not knock the jug against other objects and never put it down abruptly on the table.


Minor damage must not necessarily cause the glass to break immediately, but it may shatter later when hot beverages are poured in. Tip: Ideally, heat up the vacuum jug with warm water before pouring in hot beverages. This will keep the drinks warm for longer.


My vacuum jug is not 100% leak-proof, why not?

Vacuum jugs always have a very small air opening in the lid. Otherwise suction would cause the lid to "stick" to the jug when the drinks cool down.


There is sometimes a kind of coating on my tea? What is this?

This coating is caused by a high pH number of the water or by chalky water. Hard water, i.e. chalky water, mainly has a pH number of more than 7. Such coatings can form as a result of a chemical reaction after you have poured the water in. They are completely harmless and do not damage your health. This is in no way a question of parts of the thermos flask being passed into the tea (glass insert, plastic or stainless steel parts).


According to the customary opinion of experts, such coatings can be avoided by means of water filters.