Helios Vacuum jugs – THE PROCESSING

We place great value on the flawless workmanship in all our products. Starting with the plastic injection moulding of the vacuum jug blanks, to the individual quality control of all vacuum-stable flasks to the final assembly at our sites in Wertheim – each step of the work process is carried out to the strictest quality standards. TÜV DIN ISO 9001 certification of the plastic processing is, of course, included.


The glass flask – at the heart of the vacuum jug

Every glass flask is made in an elaborate manual manufacturing process. Each of the Helios vacuum-stable flasks is hand-blown and therefore a unique item. 

After the inner flask has been fused with the outer flask, a reflective silver coating is applied to the inside. This produces a heat shield which reflects the warmth and "traps" it inside the glass.

In addition, the interior of the glass body is evacuated, i.e. the air is sucked out of the clear space. So very few air molecules remain which could transport warmth. Only this elaborate engineering makes such a high level of insulation possible.