Inspired by the sun-god

Acting instead of reacting. With this motto we have succeeded in gaining ourselves a firm place among international competitors. Trying out new paths and lateral thinking – the only way to secure lasting success over a century.


Long-term concepts and solutions – developed for our customers, and not for short-term shareholder value. This is the pillar supporting our company.


Helios – The Greek God of the Sun

In Greek mythology, Helios is the God of the Sun. His duty is to guide the sun chariot drawn by four horses across the sky. From the beginning, the factors driving us were:


Being a family company makes it possible to react quickly to market demands and to maintain our independence of suppliers.



We are innovation leader in the area of professional applications and do pioneering work in this field.


Product quality

We are proud of the quality control process which we ourselves have developed, and proud of the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.



Thanks to a healthy company structure, it is possible for us to carry this performance capacity on into the future.